About MAPfrappe Content last updated 02 Jan 2020.

Welcome to MAPfrappe, my interactive site for cartographic “mixtures.” I started this site in 2006 so I could explore various geographic relationships. The site has the following interactive pages:

As time goes by, I hope to add other interactive mapping pages to this site.

I hope you like what I've got so far. Please send comments to me at the address at the bottom of this page.

— Kelvin Thompson

Requirements: Browser and Operating System

Unfortunately, MAPfrappe no longer supports small-screen devices such as phones. Please use a tablet, laptop, or desktop system to access this site.

Aside from device size restrictions, my site has the same base requirements as Google Maps. Click here to see those requirements.

Unsupported browsers:

Specific MAPfrappe pages may have more restrictive requirements.

What’s “frappe”?

Frappé is the French word for “shaken.” It’s also a blended coffee beverage invented in Greece. Wikipedia discusses several uses of the word here.

People in the Boston area also refer to a milkshake as a “frappe.” They pronounce it “frap,” to rhyme with “map.” I invite visitors to pronounce “MAPfrappe” any way they like, but I pronounce it like the Boston folk, as “map-frap.”


If you have some comments about this site, I would love to hear from you at this email address:

see image for email address

But I may change this address someday if it gets too much spam. Check back here for the latest address each time you want to write.