This page shows you what parts of the world have the same latitude and longitude as each other.

Explore latitude & longitude…

  • Click anywhere – on either map – to create a new marker.
  • Click on a marker to delete it.
  • Markers are in the same locations on both maps.
  • Blue lines show latitude and longitude of each marker.
  • Red lines lines show “opposite” latitude and longitude of each marker.

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About MAPfrappe

Basic information

This page shows you which parts of the world have the same latitude or longitude as each other. For example, you can see that Toronto has the same latitude as Florence. The page can also show you locations with “opposite” latitude or longitude.

The page shows you two maps. Click on either map to place markers. The two maps show markers in the same locations. Click on a marker to remove it.

Blue lines show the latitude and longitude of each marker. Red lines show “opposite” latitude and longitude.

Version 0.16. Last updated 09 Nov 2023.

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